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Andy Yu
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Position: Instructor
Department: Mathematics and Engineering
Location: LAC, V Bldg
Phone: (562) 938-4949 x6623
Mail Code: B 2
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MATH 50 - Precalculus Math

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Mathematics and Engineering
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Department Colleagues:
Abachi, Shahriar Instructor
Abrishamkar, Farhad Instructor
Anand, Bhagirathi Instructor
Araeipour, Mohammad Professor
Arsenidis, Dimos Instructor
Barbee, Ladera Instructor
Barth, Lois Instructor
Berlin, Larry Instructor
Bert, Pablo Instructor
Bhuiyan, Nasima Instructor
Bhuiyan, MD Instructor
Boukour, Abderrahman Instructor
Burniston, Mark Instructor
Campbell, Phillip Instructor
Can, Minh Instructor
Charles-Bohannon, Christine Assistant Professor
Chatterji, Mounitra Instructor
Chen, Daniel Instructor
Coleman, Rachel Instructor
Dammena, Dimetros Instructor
Daniel-Berhe, Sequare Instructor
Davis, Kimberly Instructor
De Moss, Natalie Assistant Professor
Do, Mina Instructor
Duthoy, Julius Instructor
El Abyad, Abdelwahab Instructor
El Shihabi, Azzam Instructor
Elmassri, Mohamad Instructor
Emigh, Jami Assistant Professor
Enrigue, Cindy Assistant Professor
Espinosa Hernandez, Ana Instructor
Essayli, Moussa Faculty
Faulhaber, Sabine Instructor
Feiner, Henri Instructor
Flores Zamora, Juan Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Galima, Lenie Instructor
Garcia, Raelynn Instructor
Garcia, Hector Instructor
Gillotte, Christopher Instructor
Godwin, Susan Instructor
Granillo, Paula Instructor
Gutierrez, Moises Department Head
Hancock, Matthew Instructor
Hartford, Kristin Instructor
Heng, Ramy Instructor
Hopkins, Alan Instructor
Hor, Rattana Instructor
Huynh, Dwan Instructor
Ibrahim, Majed Instructor
Jahani, Fereidoun Instructor
Kemp, Robert Instructor
Killian, Tom Instructor
Kim, Jong Instructor
Kim, Edward Instructor
Koch, Natalie Instructor
La Rosa, Jessica Instructor
Lackpour, Matin Instructor
Langevin, Delores Instructor
Leongson, Jaime Instructor
Lewis, Andrew Instructor
Loney, Laura Instructor
Mahan, Nancy Instructor
Mallon, Emma Instructor
Malouf, Terri Instructor
Markalanda, Piyali Instructor
Maxell, Robert Instructor
Mirfattah, Mehdi Instructor
Mishal, Amit Instructor
Montegary, Matt Instructor
Montiel, Gerson Instructor
Moon, Kyung-Ho Instructor
Morales, Eduardo Instructor
Mudunuri, B. K. Instructor
Nabulsi, Akram Instructor
Nasab, Michael Professor
Nason, Jesse Instructor
Ndoumna, Emmanuel Instructor
Nepomuceno, Jair Assistant Professor
Ngo, Ratanamumy Instructor
Nguyen, Simone Instructor
Nguyen, Hang Instructor
Nguyen, Hoang Instructor
Nguyen, Orchid Mathematics Assistant Professor
Nguyen, Hien Dinh Instructor
Nguyen, Catherine Instructor
Niknafs, Andy Instructor
Odom, Lucy Instructor
Ortiz, Juan Instructor
Pamplona, Irma Instructor
Pitassi, Matthew Instructor
Ramirez, Jorge Assistant Professor
Ravindhran, K Instructor
Rodriguez, Alexander Instructor
Ross, Christina Instructor
Ryan, Mutsuno Instructor
Ryan, Kevin Instructor
Sabol, Caroline Instructor
Sanchez, Elena Administrative Assistant
Santana, Angelica Instructor
Sayed, Safwan Instructor
Sayed, Safouh Instructor
Scherer, Robert Instructor
Slater, Wendy Academic Administrative Assistant
Sotomayor, Andrew Instructor
Steinberg, Michael Instructor
Tavakkoly, Aundrea Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Engin
Teng, Maria Instructor
Toossi, Majid Instructor
Tran, Le Instructor
Trhi, Amany Instructor
Trinh, Hung Instructor
Tseng, Kelly Instructor
Ulloa, Daniel Instructor
Varela, Katharine Instructor
Wan, James Professor
Ward, Jacqueline Assistant Professor
Weber, Richard Department Head, Professor
Whelan, Conor Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Engin
Williams, Clarisa Instructor
Woo, Jung Instructor
Xu, May Instructor
Yee, David Instructor
Yemut, Emad Instructor
Zugates, Michael Instructor