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Position: Adjunct Instructor
Department: Social Sciences
Location: LAC, T Bldg
Mail Code: Y 12
My Classes
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FALL 2017
ANTHR 10 - Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

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Social Sciences
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Department Colleagues:
Aguilera, Peter Adjunct Faculty
Alimahomed-Wilson, Jake Adjunct Faculty
Alimahomed-Wilson, Sabrina Instructor
Andrews, Steven Instructor, Part-Time
Barman, Kevin Adjunct Instructor
Barr, Kyran Assistant Professor
Barrett, Erin Adjunct Faculty
Beiner, Cheryl Adjunct Faculty
Breece, Laurel Professor
Burger, Paul Instructor
Cail, Jessica Instructor
Carvajal, Franklin Instructor
Cathcart, Jermaine Instructor
Chhuon, Ny Adjunct Instructor
Clark, Colin Adjunct Faculty
Cleveland, Patrick Adjunct Instructor
Cohen, Aaron Adjucnt Faculty
Creason, Joseph Instructor
Curtis, Elizabeth Adjunct Faculty
Daniels, Karyn Assistant Professor
De La Cruz, Tara Instructor
Denman, John Adjunct Faculty
Easton, Benjamin Adjunct Instructor
Eaves, Stephanie Instructor
El-Armale, Donna Instructor
Fanego, Cristofer Adjunct Instructor
Fike, Lawrence Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Fini, Kaine Instructor
Flores, Dia Adjunct Faculty, Social Science
Foley, Stephanie Adjunct Instructor
Ford, Leilani Instructor
Frederiksen, Seth Instructor
Frost, Thomas Adjunct Instructor
Gallegos, Cesar Instructor
Garcia, Roberto Adjunct Instructor
Garrett, Sean Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy
Gerami, Emal Adjunct Instructor
Grey, Gene Adjunct Instructor
Gutierrez, Erika Adjunct Instructor
Han, Sooji Adjunct Instructor
Harris, Jermaine Adjunct Faculty
Heaton-Smith, Katie Assistant Professor
Herrera, Nicholas Psychology Assistant Professor
Hollenberg, Rachel Professor
Horn, Nathan Adjunct Instructor
Hund, Jan├ęt Professor
Jackson, Annette Adjunct Instructor
Kaiser, Keith Instructor
Kalamian, Jenifer Instructor
Kennedy, Sandra Adjunct Instructor
Lane, Curtis Instructor
Larios, Rocio Adjunct Faculty
Law, Jerry Adjunct Faculty
Lawrence, Matthew Instructor
Le, Helen Adjunct Instructor
Lim, Alex Adjunct Faculty
Lopez, Jose Adjunct Instructor
Madden, Lauren Instructor
Magginetti, Jaclyn Instructor
Mathews, Peter Adjunct Instructor
McKnight-Brown, Laurie Adjunct Faculty
Melucci, Nancy Instructor
Menary, John Adjunct Faculty
Mikhael, Holly Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy
Milbes, Alaa Adjunct Faculty
Mojica, Julianna Adjunct Instructor
Monge, Mike Adjunct Faculty
Morris, Kent Adjunct Professor
Mushtaq, Omar Adjunct Instructor
Nardi, Nicholas Instructor
Newton, Allen Adjunct Instructor
Norman, Denise Instructor
Null, Chris Adjunct Instructor
O'Leary, Bernadette Adjunct Instructor
O'Malley, Missy Instructor
Otto, Carie Adjunct Faculty
Park, Sue Instructor
Park, Alexandrea Instructor
Perkins, Kele Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Peschek, Benjamin Adjunct Instructor
Phillips, Kimberly Adjunct Faculty
Plascencia, Moises Adjunct Faculty, Social Science
Pliska, Janine Anthropology Assistant Professor
Prior, Julie Instructor
Rajaram, Geetha Instructor
Ramirez, Melissa Adjunct Faculty
Ramos, Carlos Professor
Robertson, Michael Instructor
Robles Ruvalcaba, Romina Instructor
Romero, Brian Adjunct Instructor
Rommero, Ja Net Instructor
Sanchez, Melvin Adjunct Faculty
Sheley, Jason Instructor
Shernell, Deatrice Adjunct Instructor
Shoemaker, Jonathan Adjunct Faculty
Sjoberg, Eric Adjunct Instructor
Spector, Sterling Adjunct Faculty
Starkey, James Adjunct Faculty
Sutherland, Corine Adjunct Instructor
Swanson, Regina Instructor
Tharp, Louis Adjunct Faculty
Thomas-Spiegel, Joan Adjunct Faculty
Tokusato, Danny Adjunct Faculty
Tsuhako, Joy Adjunct Faculty, Social Sciences
Villafana, Rebekah Assistant Professor
Villalpando, Steven Adjunct Faculty, Social Science
Vitt, Robert Instructor
Vu, Nhat Adjunct Instructor
Vukov, Boris Instructor
Vulich, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Whittaker, Debra Department Head, Professor
Willison, Sabrina Instructor
Wong, Billy Instructor